My Worst Day WW2, a tactical 3D action, sneak and snipe PC game
Copyright Rune Trollebo
My Worst Day WW2 is a WW2 game where
you are to play the saboteur Peter Slappesen in
WW2 (World War 2). It is early in 1944, and
after years of training in Scotland you parachute
into an island in German occupied Norway. In
London the invasion of Normandie is planned,
and it is vital that the over 300000 German
soldiers in Norway stay there. The Germans
have to be fooled to think that the Norway is
strategic vital, so some actions and sabotage
have to be executed in this country.
Your mission is to destroy two of the enemieâ
€™s canons, part of the German coastal
defends. To some extend you have some help
from the resistance movement; they have set up a
store of weapons for you. But the needed
explosives are missing. The Germans have got
their hands on them, and you have to get it back,
most likely fighting for it.
From your base in the mountains of the island
you have to plan some missions, first eliminating
threats like tanks, a battleship and fighter planes.
There are many threats on the island, even enemy planes.
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In this WW2 game you fight using many  types of weapons, like a scoped Mauser KAR 98, a Piat, MP 40, Sten-gun,
MP44, the Deliesle rifle with silencer and even a Thompson with a drum magazine
A WW2 game (World War 2 game)
You do not know much about the enemies; you
have only a map to help you. As in most other
WW2 games you most likely have to kill most
of the enemies on the island. It is not only a
tactical game; it is a sniper game too, much of
the killing you can do at long range with the
scoped Mauser. You also have the scoped
Delisle rifle, it has a silencer, and do not make
sound, so the enemies will use more time to
spot you. The Delisle rifle use pistol
ammunition, so the bullets are moving slower
than the sound, and have a very noticeable
bullet drop, same as the sub-machineguns. But
since you often can see where the bullet hit the
snow on the ground, or use tracer bullets, you
can snipe at long distance, adjusting the sight
by aiming above the enemies. The fun part is
that in this WW2 game you can use the
Deliesle rifle at ranges of 300-400m. Should
you categorize this game, it is a 3D action
shooter game, it is a strategic game, it is a
sniper game, it is a realistic WW2 game
(World War 2 game).

Homepage of this game
You fight in a large winter can walk wherever you want!
Latest version has real ballistic and an option to use tracer bullets, making it more fun to shoot at
long distances not only with the Mauser sniper rifle but all the other weapons!
'The new ballistic model
makes the bullets travel
like they should. And yes,
tracer bullets are fun, but
perhaps not realistic to use
in every situation. Still, I do
not turn it off!'
P.N.M Liverpool, England
Screenshots from My Worst Day WW2
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