My Worst Day WW2, a tactical 3D action, sneak and snipe game
Copyright Rune Trollebo
In My Worst Day WW2 you have to play a
saboteur and sniper in this World War 2 game . It
is early in 1944 and you are sent into German
occupied Norway. The Allies plan the invasion of
Normandie, and the hope is to get the 300000
German soldiers in Norway to stay there.
Because of this some sabotage missions are
planned and executed by the Allies.
You are parachuted over an island on the
northwest coast of Norway, to destroy two of the
enemy’s canons. They are part of the coastal
fortresses the Germans built in the country during
the occupation.
The resistance movement has put some weapons
for you in a base, so you have access to a Mauser
98 with cope, a silenced rifle, the Delisle, and a
few sub-machineguns, like the Sten-gun,
Thompson, MP40 and a MP44, an assault rifle
which can be used at longer range than the sub-
machineguns. To destroy the tanks in the area you
have Piat bazooka.
The German troops have somehow found your
explosives, and you have to fight to get them
back, since the explosives are needed for you to
do your job.
You have little information about the enemies, you
only have a map, and have to try to both get hold
You have to snipe on different distances.
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You fight using many other types of weapons.
A World War 2 game
of the explosives, and find what the biggest
threats are and eliminate them, one by one. As
in most World War 2 games you probably
have to kill most of the enemies on the island.
You also have to do some reconnaissance.
You cannot carry all the weapons and the
explosives at the same time. If you want, you
can move a few of the weapons to places you
know you will need them. The
sub-machineguns are weapons you typically
want to store around the island.
Just as in other tactical World War 2 games,
you have to find out when, where and how to
attack different targets to solve your main
You have to fight tanks, planes and a
battleship, before destroying the canons, and
leaving the island in an old fishing boat.

My Worst Day WW2 is like other tactical
World War 2 games; it is the thinking man's

You fight in a large landscape..
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'This World War 2
game seemed very
difficult in the
beginning. Now I play
it again and again in
Arcade mode, setup
for hardcore snipers. I
have not managed to
finish it yet in this
mode, but it has made
the many evenings
sitting in hotel rooms
around the country
I have moved the game
over to a small laptop
that I use when I travel
in my job, and it runs
I like the tracer bullets,
but still have problems
finding some of the
enemies in camouflage
uniform... '

B.J.N in England
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