A World War 2 game, My Worst Day WW2, a tactical game
Copyright Rune Trollebo
This is the tactical game My Worst Day WW2
where you are a saboteur put on a Norwegian
island in 1944, in World War 2. The main
mission is to make two large German canons
useless, using explosives.
The resistance movement has already made a
base for you, setting up a little store of weapons.
You have a sniping rifle, a Mauser 98 with cope,
a silenced rifle, the Delisle, and some
sub-machineguns, like the Sten-gun, Thompson,
MP40 and even a MP44, an assault rifle with
longer range than the sub-machineguns. You also
have the British Piat bazooka to take out the
But the bad news is that the German troops on
the island have found the explosives you need for
your mission.
And you have to get them back. So you have to
search the island for the explosives, and most
likely you have to kill most of the enemies.
You do not know much about where the enemies
are, you only have a
You are sniping on all distances, even in the wood.
I can be contacted at:
trollene@mwdgames.com or trollene@online.no
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You fight using many types of weapons.
Tactical game
map to help you find them. And you have to
find out what are the biggest threats on the
island and eliminate them, one by one. You
may have to do some exploring before you
start to hunt the enemies. One of your
problems is the Stork reconnaissance aircraft,
if it spots you it will scramble two ME109
fighters, and then you are dead. You can
avoid being found by the plane by laying
down and not while the plane is flying past.
Like in any other tactical game, you have to
find out how to solve your mission. Perhaps
you have to plan a few mini missions. You
have to fight tanks, planes and even a
battleship, before destroying the canons, and
leaving the island in a fishing boat.
As you understand, My Worst Day WW2 is
a tactical game; it is much about sneaking
around, and also about sniping…

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