My Worst Day WW2, for them who play WW2 sniper games
Copyright Rune Trollebo
Latest version of this sniper game has
tracer bullets and better ballistic, shooting
with the scoped Mauser KAR98 is much
more fun. The tracer bullet option can be
turned off, if you want to play it as the other
realistic sniper games
My worst Day WW2 is a 3D First Person
Shooter game. It is February This is the game
My Worst Day WW2 where you are a saboteur
parachuting into a large Norwegian island during
World War 2.  Your mission is to blow up two
large German canons. Before you can do that,
you have to kill most of the enemy, sniping with a
scoped Mauser 98 rifle. Often it is about sniping
at long range, other times you have to fire
sub-machineguns indoors. In the large white
winter landscape will you have problems finding
the enemies, so the scoped Mauser 98 is very
As you are sneaking around, you have to try to
shot the enemies before they can kill you.
Often this is like in other sniper games, you have
to sneak around and snipe, even though your
main mission is to destroy the canons.
Since most of the enemies have Mauser rifles,
you can collect their ammo and use it in your
sniper rifle. As in most other sniper games, you
aim and shoot better if you lay down on the
ground. But since you often can see where the
bullet hit in  the snow, you can use the silenced
Delisle rifle as a
You snipe both at long and short ranges, even in the wood.
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You also fight using many other types of weapons.
Many put this game among the sniper games!
sniping rifle, even though it use .45 pistol
ammo and the bullet drop is like in the
sub-machineguns, you can still use this rifle for
sniping at longer ranges, simply because you
most often will see where the bullet hit the
snow on the ground. And with the new option
with tracer bullets you can better see where
the bullets are going.You simply have to aim
above the target. Since this rifle has a silencer
and does not make any sound, it will make it
more difficult for the enemy to spot you.   
When you move around you should carry one
of the scoped rifle, and one of the
sub-machineguns. You can use the Sten-gun,
the MP 40 and the Thompson, the last one a
little heavy, but with a large drum magazine. In
World War 2 the drum magazine was only
used in the beginning of the war, since the
cartridges rattled rather noisy inside the drum.
But I have added it just for fun. You also need
to carry the Piat bazooka, if you meet a tank.
My Worst Day WW2 can be categorized
among the sniper games, but you will still have
to do the work of a saboteur.

Some SWAT teams and military forces use
special versions of sniper games, as this game.

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You want to carry one of the sniper rifles all the
time, like the scoped Mauser K98. At longer ranges
it is the most accurate weapon, even though you
can try to use the scoped Delisle rifle, with a
silencer, since it is noiseless, and tracer bullets will
also help you make a hit.
New and better ballistic gives a better feeling of how the bullet travel, regarding bullet drop, travel time,
air-resistance etc. Use the tracer bullet option to see how it works.
'The new ballistic model
makes the bullets travel
like they should in this
sniper game. And yes,
tracer bullets are fun,
but perhaps not realistic
to use in every situation.
Still, I do not turn it off!'
 P.N.M Liverpool,

'Long range shooting is
still difficult, but tracer
bullets help. To shoot at
a moving target is a real
challenge. Involves
much more than just
being a sniper game,
you have to use tactics
Roger C.  N.Y
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