My Worst Day WW2, a tactical 3D action, World War 2 game (PC), a sniper game
Copyright Rune Trollebo
To make it better as a sniper game
version 1.99b added tracer bullets. The
general ballistic was also adjusted,
making it much more fun to snipe with
the scoped Mauser KAR98 rifle.
My worst Day WW2 is a 3D First Person
Shooter game. And sniper game. It is
February 1944, German troops still occupy
most of Europe. In the game My Worst Day
WW2 you are a saboteur dropped in
parachute over a large Norwegian island. It is
World War 2 and you have to destroy two
large German canons. But before you can do
that, you have to fight the enemy, very often
using a Mauser 98 rifle with a scope.
Sometimes it is long range sniping, other
times you have to use a sub-machinegun at
short range. In the winter landscape it is not
easy to spot the enemies, so the scope on the
Mauser 98 is very needed. You sneak
around, and try to get a shot at the enemy
before he tries to kill you. So this is often a
sniper game, and much about sneaking, even
though you are a saboteur.
Most of the enemies are equipped with rifles,
so you can take their ammo, and use it in
your sniping rifle. Even though this is standard
World War 2 ammo, the range is at max
400-500m, so you will not have problems
with the accuracy of the ammo when you
have to snipe. You can use the Delisle rifle to
snipe at shorter ranges. This rifle has a
silencer. It uses .45 pistol ammo, to make the
bullet go slower than the sound, and has a
noticeable bullet drop.
You snipe both at long and short ranges
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In this game you also fight using many other types of weapons.
Now also a PC sniper game, used by some SWAT teams and military forces
But since you often can see where the
bullet hit in  the snow, you can try to adjust
for longer ranges by aiming above the
target. The new tracer bullets option will
also help you hit. The advantage of using
the rifle with the silencer is that it makes no
sound, so the enemy uses more time to
discover you. The MP44 assault rifle is
also available, and it is more accurate than
the sub-machinegun. You should note that
you can only pick up the weapons you find
around your base.
Anyway, most likely you will use the
standard scoped Mauser to snipe, since
you do not need to adjust for the distance
when you shoot. Usually you want to carry
one of these rifles when you sneak around.
Be aware that you can only carry some 40
kg of weapons and explosives.
It is then wise to carry only one rifle and
one sub-machinegun, since you often also
need to carry the bazooka. Add to that,
you also have to carry the explosives,
when you find them. Be aware that you
can drop a weapon, and pick it up again
My Worst Day WW2 can be called a
sniper game, even though the main mission
is about blowing up some canons...

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The scoped Mauser KAR98 sniper rifle is smart to
carry all the time. At longer ranges it is the most
accurate weapon, even though you can try to use
the scoped Delisle rifle, since it is noiseless. Tracer
bullets will also help you make a hit at longer
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The new ballistic model feels more real, regarding bullet drop, time of travel,
slowdown due to air resistance etc. Use the tracer option in the game to see how
real it is.
About the sniper
'The new ballistic
model makes the
bullets travel like they
should. And yes, tracer
bullets are fun, but
perhaps not realistic to
use in every situation.
Still, I do not turn it off!'
P.N.M Liverpool,

'Long range shooting is
still difficult, but tracer
bullets help. To shoot
at a moving target is a
real challenge.'
Roger C.  N.Y
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