Update of this tactical game, it is now a World War 2 sniper game
Copyright Rune Trollebo
A new sniper game mode was added on
request from many snipers around the world.
How to turn it on: On the 'Degree of
difficulty' screen select Difficult. Now your
weapons are more realistic, wind will affect
the bullets. Your heart rate and breath will
rise when you run, making aiming more
difficult. This is the real sniper game mode.
The new tracer bullet option is also useful to
make a hit at long ranges. The ballistic is
also adjusted; It is much more fun to snipe, it
can be called a sniper game.
So what do this mean for you? Do you need
play differently? Not necessarily, you turn this
hard sniper game mode on only if you want to!
This is the mode for the hard core snipers.
Here you often have to creep around. Here
you have to really think before you move.
Search the surroundings. Use the scope before
you move. It is not only about sniping, you
have be sure that the enemies do not spot you
exposed. Remember the enemies have been at
war for some years, they know everything
about when and how to fire at you. In many
First of all, if you run, you are visible on long
range. In the terrain a moving target is very
easy to spot. So are you too, at least if you
run. So first rule is only run when needed,
when you are rather sure no one can spot you.
Or if the enemy has discovered you, and has
started to shoot, run for cover, or at least lay
down. Yes, when you run you are easy to
spot, but also more difficult to hit. So run when
someone shoot at you.
Let us say you are going into a valley, then
how you do it? Run like mad, and hope your
You snipe both at long and short ranges, up to over 500m
I can be contacted at:
trollene@mwdgames.com or trollene@online.no
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In this game you also fight using many other types of weapons.
Sniper game mode added to My Worst Day WW2
save you? Well you are free to try.
But it far better to try to find a spot where
you can view most of the valley, where you in
your scope can carefully monitor the terrain
for movements. Be aware that an enemy that
already is alerted by you shooting at
something a mile away, will be looking for
you. If you hear a shot move away, often
backward, into cover. Then carefully move
forward, sweeping the scope over the
landscape, or move out and find a better
Creep up to a tree or bush and use it as a
cover, putting it between you and the target.
Then slowly move sideways, using the scope
to cover to the area revealed. Shoot when
the enemy comes into view.
The simple rule here is, if you can see him, he
can see you! Then he can shoot. The main
problem is that you are up against soldiers
that have been into the war for many years,
most of the enemy soldiers on the island are
veterans. They shoot at anything that does
not look like a German soldier! They shoot at
anything that moves! And most of them are
experienced at using their weapons at longer

This sniper game mode is adjusted according
to the recommendation of some customers:
Since the main mission here is sabotage, you
are not playing an extreme sniper, trained and
used to hit targets dead on at 500-800
meters. No, you are more like a marksman
that can manage long range shooting...still, it
can be played as a sniper game.

You most likely want to carry one of the sniper
rifles all the time, like the scoped Mauser K98. At
longer ranges it is the best weapon, even though
you can try to use the scoped Delisle rifle, with a
silencer, since it is noiseless.
Some USA SWAT teams use a special version of this game for testing their snipers. Even some
military forces have now bought it and play it in sniper game mode, since snipers can be forced
to use old low tech equipment in a bad situation.
New and better ballistic in version 1.99b gives a more real feeling of how a bullet
travels after leaving the muzzle. In the ballistic model you have bullet drop, time of
travel and air resistance, making it much more fun to shoot and snipe. Turn on the
tracer bullets and see how it works!
About sniper game mode:
The new ballistic model
makes the bullets travel like
they should. And yes, tracer
bullets are fun, but perhaps
not realistic to use in every
situation. Still, I do not turn
it off!
P.N.M Liverpool, England

Long range shooting is still
difficult, but tracer bullets
help. To shoot at a moving
target is a real challenge.  
Roger C.  N.Y
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