Screenshots from My Worst Day WW2 (a tactical game, a World War 2 game, a sniper game)
As you see, you have to fight in the mountains, indoors, in the wood, and on the beaches.
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As you have understood, this tactical game is very open. You start out with only
a Sten sub-machinegun, you find some more guns very easy by going to the boat
house by the lake, and then follow one of the sign. Yes, it is a game; I want you
to start out very well armed. This island is infested with enemies; you need to be
able to respond to enemy fire. But of course you have some problems, one is that
the German soldiers have found your explosives, very needed to blow up the
canons. Another problem is that you can only carry some 40 kg of weapons and
ammunition. So you cannot carry every weapon you need, you have to select.
Select one rifle, one sub-machinegun and the very vital bazooka. The bazooka is
for use against tanks. Do not waste these rockets on anything but these Tigers.
The tanks of World War 2 had a limited view, so the way to destroy them was to
stay low, wait to they have passed, and then attack from behind. What really
drives the adrenaline in this game is when a tank has discovered you, its stops
and starts to aim its canon against you. You hear the sound of the turret rotating
towards you. Time for a quick shoot and go for cover! The problem is that the
even though the Piat bazooka was able to destroy a Tiger tank, you had to be
close. Very close, since the rocket moves slowly, and in a very noticeable curve.
Only a very trained soldier could hit a tank at 150 meter, the recommended
distance was 75 meters. Yes, the soldiers did need some courage in WW2, and so
do you in this game.
But it is not only the bazooka that gives you difficulties. The ballistic of most of
the weapons is very noticeable, at least in the very difficult and challengly sniper
Only the scoped Mauser rifle and the MP44 fires reasonably flat inside the
visible range, while the scoped silenced rifle and the sub-machineguns fires the
bullets in an arch.
So at longer ranges, above 100 meters, aim above the target with the slow
ammunition (Sten-Gun, Thompson, MP40 and the Delisle rifle ). You will see the
snow be thrown up where the bullets hit, so it is rather easy to adjust for range,
at least if you use the silenced Delisle rifle. It is possible to shot out to 300-400
meters with this rifle, if you adjust the height of sights against the hit in the snow.
But in a shootout with the German soldiers you are in for another surprise.
Generally they where very well trained in shooting, and living a rather relaxed life
in Norway, out of the real battles of the East Front, they where very willing to
do anything to stop you. The punishment for not stopping a saboteur like you
was a trip east, to a sure death.
So, a German soldier with a rifle or a MP44 has to be knocked out at once.
When you get hold of explosives, you only need one for each canon; you can use
the rest to blow up the bridges, to stop some of the tanks moving around.
As you understand, this is a World War 2 game, a tactical game, and a sniper
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