Screenshot  from My Worst Day WW2, a World War 2 tactical sniper game
Your hotel is down by the lake. With 'sea-view', as stated in the travel catalogue.
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My Worst Day WW2 is a World War 2 PC game, which combines the aspect of a
3D First Person Shooter (FPS) game, a tactical game and a sniper game into one
game. We are late into World War 2, the Nazi regime still have a strong hold in
Europe. In London there is made plans for the D-day, the invasion in Normandy.
To make all the 350000 German soldiers stay in Norway, some action is needed
to make the Germans believe that an invasion can happen on the Norwegian coast
too. As a part of this plan you are sent to Norway, as a saboteur, in a plane, to
blow up 2 canons that are part of the coastal defence.
In this game you will play in a new way, in this FSP you are not going to play
some 10 to 20 missions, you have the two canons as main targets, but when and
how to get to them is to you to plan. There are no scripted missions here, it is
more like in real life, and you are put into enemy territory without knowing much
about the threats. Just like in a real military mission.
English planes have dropped weapons to the Norwegian Resistance Movement,
and some of these weapons are ready for you to pick up. Your problem is that
the German soldiers has got hold of your explosives, and you have to find them,
most likely fighting for them.
On your way around the island you will find some cognac (brandy) bottles, very
useful to restore your health.
But your first priority should be to have a look at the map, and try to find out
what are your biggest treats, and destroy them. Most likely you have to fight and
kill most of the enemies on the island, before you can be able to leave the island,
stealing one of the fishing boats.
Of course, to try to eliminate all the enemies can be a fun challenge, but be aware
of the tanks, planes, and even a battleship. Since the game can be played more
than once, there is a hi-score table. Some find it very fun to try to get as high as
possible on this score list. If this is your goal, we recommend using the arcade
But the most challenging mode is the very interesting, but hard sniper game mode.
Here you have to consider your hart rate and wind direction to make a good shot.
This mode was made on request from many ‘want to be’ snipers, and yes
it is very difficult. No cheat mode here, you have to sneak, creep, and keep
hidden most of the time. Some times it is smart to find a cover behind a bush on a
height, and then snipe the enemies, if you are able to spot them. Some of the
German troops is wearing white uniforms, very hard to spot in a winter
I recommend to try to use the rifle with a silencer for this work, it have a
noticeable bullet drop at some hundred meters, but it makes it more difficult for
the enemies to find you. And the silencer makes it more easy to use two or more
shots to put down the enemies, they hardly notice what is going on before you
waste them.
The sniper game mode is highly rated, but if you want a quick and fun game, go
for the arcade mode. Anyway, this game is made so it plays differently each time,
so you can have fun for a long time.
If you want something changed in this game, a new mode or whatever, please give
a word, the hard sniper game mode was made on request!
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