Screenshot  from My Worst Day WW2, a World War 2 game
You arrive on the island Krykkja by charter plane in the morning.
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My Worst Day WW2 is a 3D First Person Shooter game, a tactical World War 2
game, a tactical game, and a sniper game. It is February 1944, and German troops
still occupy most of Europe. As a saboteur you are sent into Norway, to destroy
two large canons. This game will introduce you to a new way of playing a 3D
First Person Shooter game. The story is perhaps not that unique, it is World War
II, and you are a saboteur, also trained as an sniper, put on the middle of a large
island; your main target is to destroy two big German canons, which are a part of
the German coastal defence in occupied Norway. But here the comparison with a
standard war game stops. You are not sent out on 10 or 15 standard linear,
scripted missions.
No, it is more like a real military mission: You are sent into the enemy territory
without knowing too much about where the enemies are, and what they are up to.
The intelligence is sparse, close to none. As in real life.
The Norwegian Resistance Movement has set up a depot with guns for you, but
the Germans have got hold of your explosives, so you have to fight to steal them
back. And hidden around on the island you will find some medicine, some cognac
(brandy) bottles will help keep you fit for some time.
And you will see that you have to find what is the biggest threat, and start your â
€˜mission’ from there. To put it simple, you have to kill many of the enemies
on the island to be sure of success, and be able to leave the island. If you play for
increasing your score, you can try to hunt down most of the soldiers on the
sland. The new and very difficult sniper mode has become really popular among
die-hard gamers.
I have had feedbacks from very many players that play only in this mode,
sneaking, creeping around in the snow, every second a bullet can finish you.
Slowly you have to use the terrain, keep cover, and seek out the enemies around
you. Some are in white camouflage uniforms, very difficult to spot against the
snow. Often you have to lie down, and wait for the enemies to change position.
A moving target is much easier to detect than one that do not move.
But you can also play the arcade mode, for a quick game, to try to move up on
the high-score.
This game will play differently each time you start a new game, and because of
this, the game can be replayed, played again and again.
If you play the interesting and difficult sniper mode it will test your tactical
skills, your patience, and when you shoot, you heart rate, the distance and wind
will influence on your abilities to take down the enemies. Some swear to use the
short range rifle with silencer for this job, while others goes for a kill with the
second or third shot with the Mauser.
So in reality you can select what type of game you want to play, a quick and fun
arcade game, a standard game, or use hours creeping in the snow as a real sniper.
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