My Worst Day WW2, a tactical 3D action, World War 2 game (PC)
Copyright Rune Trollebo
New sniper options added to versions after 1.94. It is added on request from
many snipers around the world. On the
Degree of difficulty screen select
Difficult. Now your weapons are more realistic, wind will affect the bullets.
Your heart rate and breath will rise when you run, making aiming more
difficult. This is the real sniper mode! Go here to read

Version 1.96 adds keyboard set-up on the main menu.

Version 1.98 is much faster than older versions

Version 1.99b adds tracer bullets. You can turn them off, if you wish. At
longer ranges it is easier to make a hit. And it is much more fun. You even can
try to shoot at long ranges with the silenced rifle, or the sub-machine guns!

There are two ways to play this game, it can be played as standard game like
play, save and get killed, then reload. Or you can play it in arcade style,
where you start out with 3 lives, and can gain more life by collecting medicine,
in the form of cognac (brandy) bottles. There is also a Hi-Score table since
this is a game you would want to play many times, since you will try to find
different ways of solving your main mission.  

Anyway, this game will introduce you to a new way of playing a 3D First
Person Shooter game. The story is perhaps not that unique, it is 1944, World
War II, and you are a saboteur put on the middle of a large island, your main
target is to destroy two big German canons, which are a part of the German
coastal defense in occupied Norway. But here the comparison with a
standard war game stops. You are not sent out on 10 or 15 standard linear,
scripted missions.
No, it is more like a real military mission: You are sent into the enemy territory
without knowing too much about where the enemies are, and what they are up
The intelligence is sparse, close to none. And you will see that you have to
find out what is the biggest threat, and start your 'mission' there. To put it
simple, you have to kill many enemies on the island to be sure to succeed, and
be able to leave the island. If you play for increasing your score, you can try
to hunt down most of the soldiers on the island!
The Norwegian resistance movement has tried to collect the weapons
dropped down from British planes for your mission, but the bad news is that
the Germans have found your explosives. To bad, since you are a saboteur.
You also can pick up ammo, by just walk up to a dead enemy, and hit the key
You will see that you cannot run around shooting wildly. The enemies will
simply outnumber and kill you very fast using whatever needed, like soldiers,
tanks and planes. For you it will be a primary goal not to be detected, and
avoid letting the Germans alarm the whole island when you are discovered.
So this is the thinking man's game: You need to plan and execute some 10 to
20 missions before you can go for the big canons.

Generally playing
You start out in the center of the island Krykja. Your only weapon is the Sten-
gun, and you most likely need a rifle for sniping and a bazooka. Go to your
secret base and find them. Then you need some explosives to blow up the
canons and a bridge or two. Steal them back from the enemy. Have a long
look at the map to find out what is the largest threat. Then go and have a look,
find out how you can eliminate the problems. As in any game it is a little trial
and error.
There are many enemies around. They will easily spot you when you run, even
at long range. A shot will also make them aware, so the silent rifle can often
be used, at short range at least.
What to do, and when, is up to you. There is a crude map, hit the M key to
bring it up. Hit M again will give you a smaller version.
Have a look at the map, do some reconnaissance and find what possess the
larges threat, and then eliminate them. It is also much about avoiding the alarm
going on the whole island. When you explore the island try to think like you
would do in real life, sneak around; avoid a conflict if you need luck to survive.
You will also see you not always can carry all the weapons you want. Then
you can drop one, and come back later for it.

About moving around and ending in a fight
You will often get into an area where you know there are some enemies.
Either because you have seen a glimpse of a soldier, or because you know
there is someone there, perhaps because it is an enemy base. Then it can be
smart to get up into a height, creep up behind a bush and use the scope to
search for the enemy. Remember you can zoom back using the right mouse
button when you use the Mauser rifle with the scope. Click again, and you
zoom back to max magnification. With the wider view you can easier search a
larger area.
If you are walking, or running, and someone starts to shoot at you, stop and
lay down. If he still sees you, and shoot, rise and run for a tree to cover you.
But if he stops shooting when you are on the ground, use the scope to search
for him. Are you lucky you can spot his shoulder or shoe behind a tree or a
If you run for cover, make sure you are behind the cover, before starting to
search for him. You know you are safe when he stops shooting.
Often it can be smart to crawl backwards up a hill, just to get a better view
from above.
Are you close to a base, find a height, and if you carry the silence Delisle rifle,
use it to snipe, even at long range. You can adjust your aiming because you
will see the bullet hit the snow since it will make a little cloud of snow there.
Very often you will see you can half the number of enemies by sniping before
you sneak in and finish off the rest.  

If someone dare to shoot at you
Sometimes the enemy, some wearing camouflages like you, will spot you, and
fire at you. It can then be difficult to know where the bullets come from. The
sound of the shooting can give a clue. You can lie down, becoming less of a
target. You can also run for cover, either behind trees or in the terrain itself.
When you run you are difficult to hit.
Sometimes you have to sneak away, using the terrain, and hope you can spot
the shooter from a different location. A rifle with scope are useful to find

Avoid detection
In this game it is vital to generally avoid making the enemies aware of your
presence. If you get into a fight in one area, then the enemy can warn the rest
of the island, raising the alarm. Then it will much more difficult to sneak
around, they know you are somewhere around, and they will look for you.
It is also not advisable to get into a fight with too many soldiers at once. If
they have not spotted you yet, you should use the silenced rifle, take out a few
of them before they know you are shooting at them. But the silenced rifle is a
short-range weapon, like the sub-machine guns. So use the terrain to sneak
up on enemies, and snipe them at short range, increasing the chance of hitting.
Up in the mountains you can most likely use the more noisy weapons, without
setting the alarm.

About explosives
As mentioned, to complete the game you have to blow up two canons on the
island. The bad news is that the enemies have found your explosives, so you
have to go and 'ask' to get them back. The explosives can also be used to
blow up planes and bridges. When you use an explosive you select it, and
when hitting fire, it will be places on the ground. By using F11 and F12 you
can adjust the timer down or up. This way you can set up an explosive to go
off in twenty minutes, making time to place another explosive on another
place, and then
time it with the first explosion. This can be smart, since an
explosion will most likely start the alarm on the island.

About the weapons
You will have some weapons at your disposal. You cannot carry all of them at
the same time, so you have to choose carefully. There are sub-machine guns,
generally for short-range use, they are not very accurate at longer ranges, and
do not reach far either. The best one is the Thompson, but it is very heavy.
The silenced rifle also uses weak ammo, but at least it makes very little noise,
not telling everyone where you are. The scope on the rifle is also very useful,
to scan the terrain for enemies. Then there is the German MP44. This is an
assault rifle, with far more reach than the sub-machine guns. The Kar98
Mauser rifle with the scope is a noisy weapon, reaching as far as you can see.
Use it when you are discovered. The scope helps you find enemies. Using
tracer bullets you can shoot at long ranges.
Then we have the Piat anti tank gun. It has a short range, so you have to
sneak in on the tanks. To put it simple, try to run up in the tanks blind zone,
which is from behind. Then you can get so close that you simply cannot miss.
How to use the weapons.
Since all your weapons are to heavy to be carried at the same time, you can
spread them around on the island, drop and pick them up when needed. The
Piat is the heaviest one, since it adds weight with each rocket. But still you do
want to carry it all the time. Do you see a tank get some terrain or trees
between it and you, while you either run away, or run up on it from behind.
Same goes for the explosives, when you find them, carry them close to where
you want to use them. Some weapons, like the silenced rifle can be smart to
use. If you sneak around in the terrain, like between the trees, a sub-machine
gun is handy. At long range the MP44 or the Mauser, with the scope is best.
But they are also very noisy.
You do not have many rockets to the Piat; so do not waste them on a long-
range shot, where you need luck to make a hit.

What is the greatest threat to your health?
Well, tanks can kill you at a long distance, and your Piat bazooka is a close
range weapon. But you can hear the tanks at long range, and you can hear the
direction where they are. You can most often hear them long before they
appear. Planes are a threat, if the ME109s are scrambled, you are simply
dead. The little Stork plane will search for you, and if it finds you it will
scramble the fighter planes. Lie down and do not move when the Stork pass
over you. Have a long look at the map and you will understand how to
eliminate some of these threats. Or you will learn where to start the elimination
the hard way...

Well, here are the commands for the game:
You can adjust the keyboard set-up from version 1.96
The needed keys to play this game:

Esc ends the game

The weapons keys from 2 to 0, top of keyboard.
5=Thompson sub-machine gun
6=Mauser rifle Kar98 with scope
7=Delisle rifle with silencer
9=Piat bazooka
0=Bomb   (use F11 and F12 to adjust timer)

Use left mouse button to fire selected weapon (even the bombs)
Right m
ouse button zooms out/in when using a scope.

F11= Adjust timer on bomb down
F12= Adjust timer on bomb up

A=Step sideways Left
D=Step sideways Right

W and Q=run  (use Q with movement keys=run)

R=Reload current weapon
M=Map  (hit M a second time and you get a smaller map)
P=Pick up (Walk close to the thing you want to pick up, hit P) Also for using
on of the large canons
G=Drop selected weapon on the ground, or leave one of the large canons

To pick up medicine, walk up to a bottle of 'Trollet's' finest Cognac (brandy).
A bottle gives up to 25% increase in health.
You can get up to 150% health!

You are only able to carry around 40 kg of weapon

The game start out using the standard screen resolution (like 1024x768) you
have on your PC workbench. If it seems slow, you can change you down to
min 800x600 resolution. On my PC I play it on 1920x1200.
I can be contacted at: or
Software piracy is theft, using 'My Worst Day WW2' crack, password,  registration codes, serial numbers, key generators (keygens), warez, bitTorrent, is illegal and will
prevent future development of My Worst Day WW2
Software piracy is theft, using 'My Worst Day WW2' crack, password,  registration codes, serial numbers, key generators (keygens), warez bitTorrent is illegal and
will prevent future development of My Worst Day WW2.
Player's manual
You are parachuted at the center of this island in
Norway , and you have to clean it of  most of it's
You main target is to use your explosives to blow
up two large German canons on the island.
You most likely want to carry one of the sniper
rifles all the time, like the scoped Mauser K98.
A reconnaissance plane is often circling above the
island, looking for intruders. If you hear or see it,
take cover, or lie down on the ground and do not
move until it has passed. If the plane spots you, it
scrambles the fighter planes, and then you are dead.
The two ME109 fighter planes are one of the
threats on the island. If they are scrambled they
comes for you, and then you are dead.
Down in the left corner of the screen you have this
little icon of a soldier. This is your health meter. It
will turn more red each time you are hit. When it is
completely red you are dead.
The weapons you can use in this game
Some of the weapons in use
Download the game from