A little about making My First Day WW2
My worst Day WW2 is a 3D First Person Shooter game. It is February 1944, German troops still occupy most of Europe. As a saboteur you are sent into  
Norway, to destroy two large canons. This game will introduce you to a new way of playing a 3D First Person Shooter game. The story is perhaps not that
unique, it is World War II, and you are a saboteur put on the middle of a large island, your main target is to destroy two big German canons, which are a part
of the German coastal defence in occupied Norway. But here the comparison with a standard war game stops. You are not sent out on 10 or 15 standard linear,
scripted missions. No, it is more like a real military mission: You are sent into the enemy territory without knowing too much about where the enemies are,
and what they are up to. The intelligence is sparse, close to none. And you will see that you have to find out what is the biggest threat, and start your â
€˜mission’ from there. To put it simple, you have to kill many enemies on the island to be sure of success, and be able to leave the island. If you play for
increasing your score, you can try to hunt down most of the soldiers on the island
Why make a computer game?
Some have asked me this question with a strange sound in their voice. They do not even try to hide it, making games is not for grown
up people? Both playing games, and making them is a stupid activity you should leave for some
one else, I do not who? Hm, by the
way, who do makes these games you see all over? Put up so young boys can not avoid to see them, and then they make a hell of
noise trying to persuade their parents to buy them.
Well, then if this person has played some of the modern games, he just look at you: “No way, no single person can make a 3D
game alone. Is it a Tetris clone you make?�
When I then try to tell him that I have made a full 3D game, he still do not want to believe me: “Oh, it is a mod? You have just
changed some weapons, right?�
At this point I either have to give up, or show them the game. And then tell that, I have made the graphic, all of it, and programmed
the game, and I have used a commercial 3D-engine.
And then I have to show some of the processes in making a game.
So, to put it simple, I do not make games to impress other people. Most people do not know how much work goes into making a
rather simple game like mine. Most people do not think to program and making art on a computer is a healthy hobby. Well probably
it is not
Most likely you are a nerd.
This want to impress friends and family
you often see in young want to be game makers and it ends in their first attempt to hide
whatever sign of the tools and 3D-engine they are using. So, with the 3DState engine they want to remove the pop-up window when
the engine initiates a world.When you are a little older, forget about impressing.
So how is it possible to make a 3D game, as an independent, one-man team?
Well, first of all should you have done some programming before, preferable programmed for some years. It is rather useless to both
learn to program, and make a 3D game at the same time. Then you should know how to make both 2D and 3D graphic. Lucky me I
have done programming for more than 24 years, and also know how to draw and paint.
But still you are not able to make a 3D game. A 3D game need 3D math, preferable highly optimised to make it all move fast on the
The 3DState engine has been a very fast 3D-engine, updated since 1997. I think I started to use the engine around version 2.5 By
now we are at version 7.49, a DirectX 9 engine.
But is not enough, what if the engine has a steep learning curve? This engine adds some 900 3D commands to your programming
language, so you need to do some homework, you are not likely to make a game the first week. But you should be on your way very
fast, (at the second week?), if you have been into 3D before.
To put it simple, to load a 3D world and move around in it should be rather easy with 3DState. There are lots of samples to look
into, and a little nice book written in Word, which should make you started.
But do not start out on a game directly! Experiment; make a little 'walk around' program, so you can see how your world looks like
in 3D. Then start to add the needed functions in your game, one by one, testing all the way to see that it works, as it should.
Then someone ask, why do you not make it all yourself? Even the 3D-engine? Good luck, just to program the 3D-engine would take
you 2 to 3 years. And then you start to make the game. When you have finished the game some years later the engine will be
outdated. When so you have updated the engine, the game will be outdated...
So why not buy a 3D-engine from someone that already have done it, and they also have optimised it for you for years? Then you
perhaps can sit down and a make game, or some other application, straight away.
At least I think that is the way to go for an independent developer, or a small team.
I find the 3Dstate engine very easy to use, and it has often surprised me that I have used some three or four commands from the
900+ commands in the engine, and then I discover that it all can be done faster with only one command.
Of course you cannot do everything with this engine, or any other 3D-engine. But this one does more than most. And at least here
you can ask for some changes or a new command, and the good 3Dstate developers will try to help you, if needed.
And you can make games with the 3DState engine, just download mine, and think if you had a team of 10 people helping you
,what a
game we could make!

Rune Trollebo