The tactical game My Worst Day WW2, a World War 2 game
Copyright Rune Trollebo
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In this WW2 game you fight using many types of weapons.
I have got many questions from the users. I bring some here with
answers, as a list of FAQ.

Most games are like this; you get what is made, nothing else. If
you feel some functions in My Worst Day WW2  should be
changed, can it be done?
I am always looking for ways of improving this WW2 game. When
the special sniper mode introduced  was on the request from many
customers. And even the sniper mode was later adjusted according
to feedback from the customers! So now it also is very a good sniper
game. The tracer bullets was requested by a user, and even though it
needed much programming I am proud to tell it is in place. If you do
not like it, turn it off when you start the game. The realistic ballistic
model will still work...  

I do not manage to change the keyboard setup . Is it an error?
You can do some changes to the keyboard setup, from the main
menu. What is important is not only scroll to the ather key to use, but
also selecting it by clicking on it, making it the same colour as all the
other keys, usually the selection colour is blue on a standard
Windows setup. When you have done your selection, choose OK.
(The help screen 'F1' does not change according to your chances, it
is a bitmap, sorry...)

I do not manage to make the fishing boat leave the island. Error?
Both canons have to be destroyed.  Enter and move to the centre on
the fishing boat and use the pick up key (default is ‘p’).

How do I avoid being killed within a few minutes?
Be careful, move slowly, and monitor the terrain around you. Use the
scope frequently. If someone is shooting, run for cover. If you see a
bottle of cognac pick it up, it is healthy…

Is this game being updated?
This game is constantly being updated. If you find errors please
report them.

The planes are killing my all the time. What do I have to do?
The Stork reconnaissance aircraft is flying around looking for
intruders. If it spots you it will scramble the fighter planes, and you
are dead. So, if you hear or see the Stork, go for cover, or lie down
and do not move until it has passed. A moving target is easy to spot,
right? Eliminate the biggest threats, one by one. The fighter planes can
be destroyed on the ground.

The tanks kill me all the time. What do I do?
The World War 2 tanks had a limited view around them. In this game
you can sneak up from behind. Find cover and stay there until it has
passed. Then run up behind it, and use your Piat bazooka to knock it
out. But get rather close to the tank; the Piat is not easy to use at
ranges beyond 100 meters.

I am getting killed by a battleship when I leave the island after the
mission is completed, what have I done wrong?
One of the big canons is working until you blow it up...

I am out of ammo all the time. What do I do?
You can pick up ammo from dead enemies. Walk up to them and hit
‘p’. Some weapons are more common than others, like the
Mauser Kar 98 rifle. So you will be able to pick up ammo for your
sniper rifle all over.
The MP44 is also in use many places.
The Thompson sub-machinegun and the Delisle rifle use .45-pistol
ammo. You cannot pick up more ammo for them.   

What is the greatest threat to my health?
Well, tanks can kill you at long range, and your Piat bazooka is a
close range weapon. But you can hear the tanks at long range, and
you can hear the direction from where they come. You can most
often hear them long before they appear. Planes are a threat too, if
the ME109 is scrambled you are simply dead. The little Stork plane
will search for you, and if it finds you it will scramble the fighter
planes. Lie down and do not move when the Stork passes over you.
Have a long look at the map and you will understand how to
eliminate some of these threats. Or you will learn the hard way where
to start the elimination…

How do I use the weapons?
Since all your weapons are too heavy to be carried at the same time,
you can spread them around on the island, drop and pick them up
when needed. There are sub-machine guns, generally for short-range
use, they are not very accurate at longer ranges, and do not reach far
either. The best one is the Thompson, but it is very heavy. The
silenced rifle also uses weak ammo, but at least it makes very little
noise, not telling everyone where you are. The scope on the rifles are
also very useful, to scan the terrain for enemies. Then there is the
German MP44. This is an assault rifle, with far more reach than the
sub-machine guns. The Kar98 Mauser rifle with the scope is a noisy
weapon, reaching as far as you can see. Use it when you are
discovered. The scope helps you find enemies.
The Piat is the heaviest one, since it adds weight with each rocket.
But still you do want to carry it all the time. Do you see a tank get
some terrain or trees between it and you, while you either run away,
or run up on it from behind. Same goes for the explosives, when you
find them, carry them close to where you want to use them. Some
weapons, like the silenced rifle can be smart to use. If you sneak
around in the terrain, like between the trees, a sub-machine gun is
handy, at long range the MP44 and the Mauser with the scope is
best. But again, they are also very noisy.
You do not have many rockets to the Piat, so do not waste them on
a long range shot, where you need luck to make a hit.

How do I change the resolution of the screen?
The game uses the standard screen of the Desktop. If you want a
change, go to control panel, and select screen. There you can change
the resolution of the screen. The game work with resolutions from
800x 600 and upwards. It is even tested at 1920x1200. Do not use
resolutions higher than what your monitor handle!

How can I make this game work faster?
These recommendations are for most games, so read this careful.
When you want to play a game, start from a restarted PC, or a PC
just started.
If you are connected to Internet do not download files and music
when you are playing.
If you are not playing a multiplayer game, try to avoid connecting to
Internet. It will speed up your PC.
If you are NOT connected to Internet, disable the Anti-virus, Anti-
spyware and Firewall.
Turn off and disconnect anything not needed to play the game before
you start the PC.
Do not run any other program than the game.
Defragment you hard disk at least two times a year.
Update every driver on your PC to the latest version. The most
important one is the 3D video/screen card. It is updated often!
Some new PCs are delivered with a load of unessesary programs
and services that starts with the PC, making it slower. Remove them,
or get help to remove them.
On a customer's PC we managed to increase the speed of the PC by
over 55% by following these tips...