My Worst Day WW2, a tactical PC game, a WW2 game, and a WW2 sniper game (v1.99e)
In this World War 2 FSP game (WW2 game) you
get a very realistic atmosphere and gameplay.
Developed by one single man, me, making a game I
wanted to play myself. It changes every time it is
played, making it one of the few WW2 games that
can be replayed, again and again. Extremely much
time was used to make a very large, cold Norwegian
winter landscape, to put you into a state where you
really feel you are there, sneaking behind enemies
lines, hunted by hundred of soldiers. Add to that the
new hard sniper mode, and you have a WW2 game
you can enjoy for a long time.

So what is this WW2 game about?
You have to blow up two WW2 canons
Large island where you can walk wherever you want
No linear missions, you have to find out what to do when
Plays differently each time, can be replayed many times
You have to find the needed explosives
Long range sniping and shooting
You can use 8 different WW2 weapons
You have to find and eliminate the largest threats first
You have to sneak around, using the terrain as cover
A very realistic and tactical game
Large winter landscape giving the right atmosphere
Has a fun arcade mode, highly recommended
Real ballistic
Tracer bullets option

My Worst Day WW2 is a 3D First Person Shooter WW2 game. It
is February 1944, it is World War 2 (also called WW2), and
German troops are still occupying most of Europe. As a saboteur
you are sent into Norway, to destroy two large canons. To solve
your mission you have to eliminate some hundred of enemies,
most often shooting at long range, so yes, it is also a sniper game.

This game will introduce you to a new way of playing a 3D First
Person Shooter WW2 game. The story is perhaps not that unique,
it near the end of World War 2, and you are a saboteur put on the
middle of a large island; your main target is to destroy two big
German canons, which are a part of the German coastal defence in
occupied Norway. But here the comparison with a standard WW2  
game ends. Firstly, it changes every time it is played, making it one
of the few WW2 games that can be replayed, again and again.
You are not sent out on 10 or 15 standard linear, scripted missions.
No, it is more like a real military mission: You are sent into the
enemy territory without knowing too much about where the
enemies are, and what they are up to. The intelligence is sparse,
close to none. And you will see that you have to find out what is
the biggest threat, and start your mission from there. Many will
call this tactical game, a tactical ww2 game; you simply have to kill
most of the enemies on the island to be sure of success, and to be
able to leave the island. During the game you have to use the
terrain, sneak around, use sniper rifles, submachine guns, bazooka
and explosives.
If you play for increasing your score, you can try to hunt down all
of the soldiers on the island. In the most difficult mode of this
game, called sniper mode, it is much more like a sniper game, the
enemies are more aggressive and you have to be very careful. The
tracer bullet option will make it easier to shoot at long range, but
you can turn it of to make the game more real, more like a WW2
sniper game.

Extra Bonus, many playing modes:
Standard mode:
This WW2 game can be played as standard game like play, save
and get killed, then reload. You can only save 5 times each time
you play.
The fun Arcade mode:
You can also play the WW2 game in the very addictive and fun
arcade mode, where you start out with 3 lives, and can gain more
life by collecting medicine, in the form of brandy bottles. There is
also a Hi-Score table as this is a game you would want to play
many times, since you will try to find different ways of solving
your main mission. There is no 'save' in this mode.
Play at 'Difficult' and you are a sniper! (It becomes a sniper game)
Both in Standard and Arcade mode you can play as a 'real' sniper.
This WW2 game is made to play differently each time you play it,
so you can play and have fun again and again.

Want a change in this World War 2 game? Give a word. The new
sniper mode is a result of such requests, many wants World War 2
sniper games, but there are few around.

So this WW2 game is not developed in a large software house,
where the creative and innovative are lost in a large bureaucracy,
where a special game has no change of being made. As a single
Independent developer I can make the game the way I want, aiming
for a niche of players that like a challenging game, and not
necessary need constantly firing bullet in all directions to have fun.
Some will say this game is more like a simulation of combat, feeling
far more realistic than any other FPS out there.
Copyright Rune Trollebo
How to play this WW2 game
The Norwegian resistance movement
has tried to collect the weapons
dropped down from British planes for
your mission, but the bad news is that
the Germans have found your
explosives. You also can pick up ammo.
You will see that you cannot run
around shooting wildly. The enemies
will simply outnumber and kill you
very fast using whatever needed, like
soldiers, tanks and planes. For you it
will be a primary goal not to be
detected, and avoid letting the Germans
alarm the whole island when you are
So this is the thinking man's WW2
game: You need to plan and execute
some 10 to 20 missions before you can
go for the big canons.
You start out in the centre of the island
Krykkja. Your only weapon is the
Sten-gun, and you most likely need a
rifle for sniping and a bazooka. Go to
your secret base and find it. Then you
need some explosives to blow up the
canons and a bridge or two. You have to
find the explosives. Have a long look at
the map find out what is the largest
threat. Then go and have a look, find
out how you can eliminate it. As in any
game it is a little trial and error.
There are many enemies around. They
will easily spot you when you run,
even at long range. A shot will also
make them aware, so the silent rifle can
often be used at short range at least. As
in a sniper game you have to use your
scoped rifle and shot at long ranges.
You will also see you cannot always
carry all the weapons you want. You
can drop one, and come back for it later.
As usually in most tactical games. By
playing this WW2 game in hardest
difficult mode you have a very realistic
sniper game. That you have to play as a
tactical game.

This game has two main modes. The
standard save/load(5 saves) FSP mode
and then you have the arcade mode
where you start out with 3 lives, and
can collect more by finding the cognac
bottles, but it has no save. Then you
can set how difficult you want the game
to be. Set it to hard and you have the
very challenging and difficult sniper
mode, where wind and heart rate must
be considered. Selecting the arcade
mode and setting difficult mode to
Difficult, has become very popular.
Players learn to play this WW2 game at
an easier difficult mode, then go for the
hard sniper mode.

Tracer bullets are now added,
making it easier to shoot at long
ranges. And much more fun. You
can of course turn of tracer bullets,
making shooting very realistic.
Many still prefer to use the tracer
bullets, due to the difficulties in
estimate accurately the range to a
target on a PC screen. It should be
added that some snipers in World
War 2 did use tracer bullets.
Site updated in 2015
One of the large WW2 cannons on the island, one of your  
main targets.
You fight on the Norwegian beaches and in small harbours.
The scenario is like in Norway in World War 2
You fight in the woods
You snipe at long ranges
You get the registration code e-mailed to you
Click to download the free demo
Note from the developer
This game does in no way try to state it is using all the latest modern techniques in graphic, sound and game play. But  it uses a very updated  and very advanced 3D-engine,
3DState engine. Anyway, this very fun game answers a question many developers have asked themselves: Can a single person develop a saleable 3D game? Well, this
product is mine, a single Norwegian's dedicated  (3 years) work. And it proves another thing: A very small developing team, two or three skillful persons should still be able
to make a 3D game that can be very good and fun to play! It is a little like in the movie industry; you do not need the biggest budget to make the best film. Well, should you
categorize this game, it is a 3D action shooter game, it is a strategic game, it is a sniper game, its a WW2 game, it is a World War 2 game, its a tactical game...
I can be contacted at: or
MINIMUM specification on your PC:  Windows® XP/Win2000,/most Vista PCs, 1.6 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, 32 MB Video Card, 100 MB Free Hard Drive Space. DirectX® 9.0c
Any problems? E-mail
'Fine to see my input about
the sniper game mode ended
up working.'
O.P, Bergen, Norway
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'I liked the outdoor sniping
in the huge landscape. A
real sniper game! Highly
recommended. A different
World War 2 game.'
A.L, Boston, USA
You fight using many types of WW2 weapons. Fight soldiers,
tanks, planes, even a battle ship. Now with tracer bullets for
added fun...
'The new ballistic model
makes the bullets travel
like they should. And yes,
tracer bullets are fun, but
perhaps not realistic to use
in every situation. Still, I do
not turn it off!'
P.N.M Liverpool, England
Latest: Better ballistic:
better sniper game. You
can now also use tracer
bullets, easier to shoot at
long range!  
Download it
'Thanks for listening to the
customers when making the
sniper game mode.'
Web Ditt domenenavn
'A tactical World War 2 game in a
Norwegian winter landscape? Just
love it.'
N.L., Manger, Norway
'Thanks for the new and realistic
sniper game mode and the keyboard
Allan S.  Nevada USA
The latest versions of the
WW2 game is smoother,
2-2.5 times faster!
Download it now!
New and better ballistic in version 1.99b gives a better feeling
of how a bullet travels after leaving the muzzle. Bullet drop,
time of travel and air resistance are as in real life, and it makes it
much more fun to shoot and snipe. Set at Difficult and the
wind and heart rate will also affect the bullet!
In this WW2 game the Mauser K98 rifle work like the real
World War 2 weapon. Another rifle you can use, the .45
Delisle carbine, a rifle with a silencer, also works like its WW2
counterpart. Turn on the tracer bullets and test it yourself!
Under: Graphic from the game, the Mauser with scope.
Latest update:
Some smaller installer
adjustments to 1.99e
Tired of using weeks to
master a difficult game?
Tired of all the keys
needed to run a game?
Tired of reloading again
and again to get past a
difficult part?
Tired of unrealistic
shootouts with lots of
stupid enemies?
Want to think before you
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